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The key to repeat business for your mattress store


The latest BSC consumer behavior study unveils the key to activating repeat sales. We recently read David Perry’s, editor of BedTimes and Sleep Savvy magazine, analysis of this study and have gathered the key insights to share with you.


Mattress buyer habits - The status-quo


As we know, a mattress is likely to be an individual’s largest sleep-related purchase. And as is the nature of mattresses, most people only get a new mattress every 6-10 years, if that. Of course, many factors can influence these numbers, but even so, at first blush, that isn’t exactly a lot of repeat business for your mattress store.


Because mattresses are the ‘big ticket items’ that most stores and sales reps focus their selling energy on, it creates a challenge in repeat business and serving the individuals who don’t actually need to purchase a new mattress at this present time.


This is where new opportunities lay. For example, research shows that people who purchased a mattress in the last year are much more likely to invest in additional bedding and sleep accessories over the next 12 months. This is where your opportunity lies.


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Post mattress purchase consumer habits


This study also stated that 83% of consumers purchased sheets, and 76% bought pillows over 12 months after a more significant bedding-related purchase. Anecdotally, it was said that consumers enjoyed shopping around and buying sheets and pillows more than other sleep accessories such as mattress protectors and mattress toppers. Although, there is still a market for those items that should not be overlooked. 47% of people purchased mattress protectors over the following 12 months, and 37% purchased a mattress topper.


Consumers said that in many of their shopping endeavors, they were triggered by the need to replace something, which if we considered what items get ‘used’ the most and show the signs of general wear faster, they are likely going to be your pillows and/or your sheets. Another factor that drove consumers to shop for bedding and sleep accessories was merely the option to upgrade their bedding and sleep experience. As we as a society learn more and more about our general health and wellbeing, the importance and desire for ‘a good night’s sleep’ become more pertinent in the consumers’ minds.


Tailor your business to the customer's buying habits


Consumers want to invest money in their sleep experience more than ever before. They want comfort, practicality, aesthetics, and in some cases, variety. By offering a variety of smaller ticket sleep accessories, you are offering a more holistic and all-encompassing shopping experience for your consumers, which means; repeat business!


If you offer your clients a one-stop shopping experience with a multitude of reasons to visit more frequently, you have a much higher chance of becoming the ‘go-to’ address when it comes time for them to purchase the big-ticket items such as a mattress.


Nurturing your ongoing relationship with your consumers by creating a need and desire for them to visit your store regularly means a higher likelihood of more significant future sales.

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